Melody Eliseo – How To Avoid a Satanic Takedown

Don’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices. A warning from the Bible. Why? For many reasons, Not the least, because it’s a known fact that Satan is very sneaky. We almost never see or know of his plans, even an hour, much less a day in advance. And though we are pre-warned NOT to be ignorant. Most of us are.

Seriously, if we seen an angel of light, we would be shocked to find out, it was the Devil. Yet the Holy Bible tells us, in straight up every language, NOT to be surprised when the Devil transforms himself into an angel of light.

On to another warning, (and there are many) “don’t give opportunity to the devil,” the most obvious thought coming from this warning, is understanding of, don’t walk into a known temptation that the devil can use, to bring you down. But the word of God has layers of understanding, and another thought that is not immediately obvious, is, Hey, let’s STEAL opportunities from the Devil! So his strategically laid plans, never have their moment of activation.

All the while, demonic snitches watch us, gathering information to bring us down. Watching our children and the church. The killer, staring dead eyed at its prey. Waiting for a more opportune moment, that the plan can be activated.

Like when Satan came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, and after the temptation, Satan left Jesus for a MORE opportune moment.

The devil strategizes, and meticulously plans the downfall of every powerful righteous person. We are told in advance his plans are to steal, kill and/or destroy, the most important things in our life. He doesn’t waste time, on the things that we don’t care about.

He chooses his prey well. For he chooses the ONLY thing we care about. The most effective tactic to bring down the powerful prayerful person is, surprise. And somehow, we are always surprised, by his surprise.

His great joy is to rob us of, our expected outcomes. Directly going against the word of God, that says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” When he robs us of our expected end. It can usher the faith filled person into deep confusion. For there are covenants in the Word of God, for the righteous person. Covenants, we expect, to be the reward for a life well lived. That’s what he wants, to rob us of those covenant promises.

Questions as to why a demonic attacks happens, often remain unasked, and unanswered. Because of the wall of misunderstanding and offense that can arise between ourselves and God. Why was Satan allowed to rob us, even as we prayed against it, we wonder?

The attacked saint doesn’t realize what all they are losing. Things like the joy of the Lord, and without that , there goes our strength. Strength we needed, for the war ahead. Because of the attack, it’s WAR! And their is a deep fury, to get back what was stolen!

And this is how you find, a powerhouse, prayer warrior confused, walking around with a broken heart, hurt, and at odds in their mind, with all the things they believe to be true about God. The plan Satan worked on for years, is now a reality, at full work. It’s the prayerful saint’s, new reality. Now at work in front of their shocked, devastated eyes.

They did not know of this possibility in advance. Nor could they have, without God lifting the veil and giving them supernatural foresight.

Why is this tactic of hell so successful even though the prayer warrior prayed? Because the enemy had a long term plan, one that came in under the radar. Satan and his demonic kingdom, slowly and meticulously, worked year in, and year out, to bring about this plan.

Had Satan have made ONE overt move, the child of God would have immediately recognized him and attacked back! But as it was, throughout the years, the prayerful child of God, did indeed recognize Satan was at work. But they could not put there finger, on what was happening exactly. They just felt troubled in their spirit. And without knowing what exactly was being planned in hell they just surrounded the whole area with prayers, of every kind.

This week, while in prayer, a revelation of the scripture, “Don’t give opportunity to the Devil” came to me.  I thought about the many years, in which, I did not want to talk, nor know anything about Satan. I felt that I knew enough. I plainly knew he was evil, and I’d seen how he destroyed lives. I didn’t feel to waste any more of my time with him, except to bind him, in prayer. That was a big mistake.

  I decided to spend a year, seeking the face of God. I stopped my busy life. My, too busy life. And decided only one thing mattered. That I seek the face of God. I knew what to do. I had done it many times. This time was different, though because that was the only thing I was going to do.

It was shocking to the flesh! As always, we go through a type of dying out to the flesh, depressed like feeling. Similar to what happens, when you say you are going to fast 3 days!

My days consisted of talking to God, listening to God, asking God questions, reading the Word, exercising, listening to messages that would help me understand the ways of God. Day after day, I kept waiting for something big to happen.

Everyday I would go to prayer, to seek his face. And day by day, he kept pointing to what Satan was doing to people’s lives. To good people’s lives. To my life. It took awhile to sink into my mind. The concept, that this sacrificial time that I had set aside, to seek God’s face. This was the subject he would have me, consider.

He did not come to me as he normally did. When I could feel his presence filling my living room. And I was blinded by rivers of tears holding the Word of God, close to my heart. Where the only words spoken, were words of love to Him.

No, this time he seemed to be looking at me from a distance. I was so confused. I knew he was listening. But I no longer could feel him at all. And I came to recognize, from what he was teaching me, that he wanted me to mature and become a soldier. A warrior, strong, resilient, no matter what was going on around me. A navy seal kind of soldier.

Once I realized this was His plan, I decided that I would pass this test too. No, I did not quit seeking his face. Day after day. I came, because that was my plan. I wanted to see the manifestation of the power of God. Healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Yet it began to be revealed to me, by the Holy Spirit, that what he wanted me to know was, that I was VERY ignorant concerning Satan’s devices. That is information a warrior soldier should know. Where is the enemy. What are they doing. And how are they planning to do it.

I wished, I didn’t have to know these things. These evil wicked plans. But apparently, God did not want HIS warrior, to be terribly ignorant. He knows, that this is how we are defeated. Even the lives, of very powerful people of God. 

Things, that I believed Satan was powerless of doing the word of God was showing me different. It was becoming plain, that the most powerful prophets, in the Bible, had been brought down at some strategic point in their lives, by hellish plans. To such an extent that it seemed impossible afterwards, that the promise of God would to be fulfilled in them. I should not have been ignorant. It’s just that I wanted all my time to be spent with God, and not wasted, learning Satanic devices.

Yet now I wonder how, so many Christians can, be as ignorant as I was? I think ignorance is also, the Devil’s plan. We don’t want to become tarnished by his evilness. So we just don’t want to know.

Yet the Bible plainly tells us of all the trials, hindrances and blockages Satan put in the path of all the powerful people and prophets of God. As we know the wicked have troubles of their own.

But though we read of the prophets stories from the Bible, somehow, we don’t believe anything like that is going to happen to us! We are special. We are different. We have faith. So we don’t file the information in our minds, as potentially evil, spirit war tactics. 

Let’s quickly just think of some of the best in the Bible. Moses is going to become one of the mightiest prophets. And he is in position. Miraculously, he’s set up, a hebrew raised in Pharaoh’s castle. An adopted son of the princess.

And as the plan is coming near. He gets very angry, at an injustice he had probably seen, many times. But this time his anger rages and he kills a man.

In one moment, he goes from being a highly respected man positioned for God’s plan to come forth. And the next minute, he is a murderer. From that day on, he spends 40 years in the wilderness trying to hide from the Egyptians who want to kill him. Until the murder, had sufficiently been forgotten. 

How about Joseph, whose prophetic dream shows him, in powerful places. That dream was from the Lord. Yet, just a few days later, his brothers are trying to kill him. Deciding at the last minute, to sell him, to random strangers. An action that not only devastated, Joseph, but also destroyed many years, of the life of his father, Jacob. We find out from this story, why it is unGodly to favor one child over another. But after that, we still have to reconcile more wasted years because of Potiphar’s wife’s, lies, and all the days of his life he spent in prison. Who planned all these diversions, away from the original prophetic dream?

We know who!

Who made Sarah barren until old age? Who made Rachael unable to bear a child, for many years? 

Who killed every male Jewish newborn, in an effort to kill the Son of God? Trying to abort the divine plan of GOD!

That, King was so evil, that an angel of the Lord came at night to warn Mary and Joseph and help them escape with Jesus.

Who planned all these horrific things? Satan and his kingdom of darkness!

He doesn’t waste time on people who are already bound.  He basically leaves Christians who are asleep alone. They aren’t sure if they believe that hell, is a real place. They aren’t sure if the devil is at work, or if it’s just life. Many are not even aware they are being controlled by evil spirits!  Are you a gossip? You are not of Christ. Are you a complainer? Some of the worst judgments in the Bible, came upon complainers. You are not of Christ. Shocking right? We make excuses for ourselves all the time. 

Can Christians be used by Satan? YES! Even Peter, whom Jesus called, THE ROCK, that the church would be built on. And to whom was given the keys to the kingdom, was VERY, useful to Satan! Not just once either. 

Peter was a loved, trusted, chosen disciple. Yet he went from being that, to being addressed as if he were Satan!

Let’s enter into the moment, Jesus is telling his disciples, what the future held, for them all. And it was NOT good news. Peter takes Jesus aside, and rebukes him, saying, “Never Lord, this will never happen to you.” 

Then, Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind, the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” 

I can guarantee you, Peter was shocked and offended by that! And that’s something we needed to know. If Peter, the ROCK, of the church, can be useful to Satan. Then the rest of us can certainly be useful to Satan’s plan, as well. I would say most of the time, we have no idea we are even being used. If we did, we would pitch a fit! Because that is the direct opposite of our daily plan!!

This is why we must pray daily and ask for wisdom and the discernment of spirits, as well as, stay filled with the Holy Spirit! Even then, we are warned: DON’T BE IGNORANT OF SATAN”S DEVICES. 

Here is where revelatory understanding, came to me. Don’t give opportunity to the Devil. Pray forward, AGAINST the plan of hell, ever having, a more opportune moment. 

The Bible says that after Jesus fasted 40 days, Satan came to tempt him. Letting us know, that we can expect this same type of tempting. What method did Satan use? 

The voice of God had just come down out of heaven and said, “This is my beloved son, whom I love, and in whom I am well pleased.” After that, Jesus is led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where he fasts for 40 days. When Satan comes to tempt him, what is his strategy? Just simple questions. Nothing fantastical at all. Just normal logical sounding questions. “IF you are the Son of God, do this.”and  “IF you are the Son of God, do that.”

Let’s discuss this Satanic tactic. Are you not questioned and probed mentally over every single thing the Word of God declares YOU to be? So WHEN you are questioned, by this example we already know, who is asking! 

Let’s pay special attention to what the Bible says, about Satan, “Now the serpent was more crafty, than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Did God REALLY say, ‘you must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Why does Satan use this, “asking, what seems to be a logical question” tactic? Because most the time, no matter how spiritual we are, it works. We do not suspect a logical question to be Satanic. We believe we are just thinking about stuff like we always do.

Satan loves this tactic and it is his first choice.  Because It doesn’t appear, to be him. We believe it is our own thought processes, thinking up important questions.

When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, the Bible says, he left for a more opportune moment. He did not give up on his strategy, or his plan. He did not despair. He’s like a snake, quietly laying in wait. Waiting for opportunities. 

What I’m fixing to tell you came to me, in prayer. The instruction to pray offensively. It shouldn’t be that Satan, does something to us, and then, we react. WE need to be throwing trouble, and confusion into his camp all the time! Every day, pray at least one prayer that causes him and his kingdom, trouble. Keep him busy, putting out the fires.

 If you are a person of prayer and power with God, Satan is laying plans and strategies, of how, to bring you DOWN. How to steal from you, and your expected future. He comes to block, hinder and steal, even the spiritual prophecies, that have been said over your life. We MUST learn to be soldiers for God! We must FIGHT using the weapons of the Spirit, that’s what they are there for.

Why is it on the day you planned to really pray, or to go witness to someone, that you wake up tired, your allergies are worked up, or your car light says you need oil? Do you know Satanic groups, send tiredness every night to powerful people of God. Yes they do! To those they know, they will never convince to serve the devil they send sleep. It took an Ex- Warlock who is now filled with the Holy Spirit to reveal that little piece of information to us, unsuspecting Christians. Who would think up a simple, non-evil seeming plan like that up?

Satan, that’s who.

He also tries blocking the things, you are believing, to bring into being. Daniels request was blocked for 21 days, while enemy warfare took place. What would have happened if Daniel had quit praying 3 times a day. We can assume, he was continuing to pray over what he felt deeply about, until the answer came. What if he had not continued diligently?

And this place, is where so many people of God, find themselves. Unsuspecting, and unaware of Satan’s devices. He hinders our prayers from being birthed just like Daniel’s. Those very things that are not YET, but we declare, in Jesus name, WILL BE.  He blocks them today and hinders them tomorrow. Why? He knows, that by deferring your hope in Christ, again today, and then, day after day, you will begin to lose your hope, your faith, and belief in a mighty powerful God. 

He is a very old snake, and the truth is, he doesn’t often need a new trick. Because many christians are still unaware of his most effective tricks. Those are ones, we don’t think are the Devil, at all.

The Bible says, we are to redeem the time because the days are evil.  Redeeming means, to gain, or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment. So by praying against future opportunities that Satan is waiting for, we steal,  we GAIN, or we REGAIN both time and opportunity!!
Don’t give opportunity to Satan.  Opportunity involves time. Time spent strategizing, making plans in advance.

By destroying Satans opportunities, we redeem OUR time!! To the people of God, Stay Alert! Pray the destruction of Satan forward, because he goes to and fro throughout the earth seeking, whom he may devour. Let me restate a very important scripture. “Do not be ignorant of Satan’s devices.”


By the power of our Holy God, I bind your opportunities Satan. Where you had opportunities, you now live in a world of NO opportunity concerning _______. Where you use to walk to and fro about the earth, seeking whom you may devour. NOW you may NOT walk to and fro without measure!!!  We are taking your liberty away from you. You are bound, and you will NOT seek _______ to devour. We declare the deliverance of the LORD of HOSTS, to release those that you would have bound, and to set free those, you would have devoured in the MIGHTY name of Jesus!  The Lord has given us power and authority over you and your kingdom. And we are taking it!!!

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