Melody Eliseo -Praying Prayers That Heal the Land

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Yesterday I was praying for North Korea again. I can’t get their desperation out of my mind. For years I have been watching and listening to the stories of people who have escaped. They tell their stories of all the things they will be tortured or killed for, if they get caught doing. Something as simple as listening to music from the outside world, could cause up to 8 generations of their family to be sent to concentration labor camps, where they will be starved, tortured and some will be killed. They tell of people and children dying on the street every day. Many try to escape, because they are already starving to death. When death is already near, one loses some of their fear about which way it will come.

I had set aside the day, mostly for worship, but then felt led to pray for the poor around the world again. I was praying that God would help them find food and warmth. That God would reveal himself to them, protect them and keep them safe. I prayed for the underground church to prosper, grow and be nourished. But the whole time I prayed I felt so desperate for their situation. Like how are my prayers going to come to pass? How can we even get food in, if we tried?

It seemed my fault that there was no way possible and my whole body felt desperate to feed the dying children in the pictures I have seen so many times. I prayed for other poverty stricken nations too.

After a while of praying, I opened my Bible, hoping for a word about any subject whatsoever. 😁 But the scripture that opened, God was saying he will put springs and water in parched places, and he will put olive trees and other kinds of trees in the desert, and he would make the ground begin to grow food, so that people would see and know, that the hand of the Lord had done this.

In a moment, my eyes were opened and, I could see, the how. The way it could get done, even though we can’t get to them. HE CAN STILL DO IT without the help of anyone else!! Then I knew, I was being directed to pray this scripture over the land and declare the Lord to do over North Korea what this scripture declared he would.

Certainly he is the God of the breakthrough, before I read the scripture I knew that. I wouldn’t waste a second, praying to a God who is unable. God has delivered, time and time again. AND THAT’S WHY I PRAY. But I couldn’t see how my prayer could be fulfilled without our nation, or another nation supplying the food. The, HOW, had eluded me as I had prayed, and because of that, my prayers were filled with feelings of desperation.

But now, I had a better understanding so I went back into prayer. This time, I made the declaration according to the word of God, that the land itself was to yield up food in North Korea, in the Philippines, in India and in Africa. But the Lord wasn’t done with me yet.

As I was declaring that verse over the nations, what he showed me next surprised me again. He let me see a hungry person walking on desolate land, but they were finding animals that they could eat, each day. Like the animal was being directed to where that hungry person was and they could catch it for food. When I seen that vision, I knew what to pray and I did it, “Lord let the animal population proliferate in these regions until there is excess and plenty!”

Again I was shown a scene but this time I was shown a table of dingy wood, where a flask of oil was sitting, but I knew that it would never run out during need. And I seen a bowl of flour that I knew as long as there was need it would always have more in it. And I remembered the Elijah story about the woman who was going to prepare her last meal for herself and her son, and then die. But the prophet said, no, prepare your last meal for me instead. And because she did it, all throughout the famine her oil and her meal were never again empty.

Then I knew how else God wanted me to pray. I began to say, “Lord, let their supply of oil never run out, let their bowls of flour or rice never be empty.” And as I prayed this final way, all the feelings of desperation that I couldn’t help them, were gone. I knew I was doing the work of God. And he had taught me how to pray for them by viewing the problem from different perspectives. And addressing the root problems. I realized these were just some of the many ways God could provide for a entire nation. And that all God needed from me, was for my mouth to SPEAK these blessings out loud for the people. Declare that his endless supply goes now and fulfills where there is need.

I have no intention of ever walking by someone who is hungry, without giving them food. I pray I will never walk by someone cold and not give them my coat. For these things are our joy, and we are required to do them as disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s a requirement of all those who want to be the salt and light in the world. But whenever I can’t go somewhere in person and that makes me feel desperate, I had just gotten the revelation of how to pray and declare blessing over the nations and do it with joy. I just have to declare and decree what God wants me to say. I don’t have to do it with desperation!

He took the time to show me, how, HE does things, I think is IMPOSSIBLE. Without anyone else’s hand. Many times we feel guilty as we pray because we feel we must accomplish some impossible task. No! We must accomplish only POSSIBLE tasks! And we must bless the root of the problem, the land to grow food, the animals to multiply, and the oil to never run out over those things we know that are impossible. We have all heard the truth of the matter we ask God for a forest but he gives us a seed. And we are to take that seed and the talents he has given, plant the seed, nourish it, and pray blessing our efforts, until it prospers and it is multiplied and then when we have our forest we are filled with great joy. For with great effort we find great joy.

GOD can do untold things we can’t, and do it in ways, we can’t even imagine.

Lord continue to reveal yourself to us, Show us how to pray and what to say when we are at a loss. Reveal yourself to us until you illuminate and electrify our mind to your thoughts! We want the mind of Christ on every matter we face. Let us view impossible situations through your eyes, and bring us to revelatory ways to pray, so your will is done on earth, as it is in heaven. In Jesus name! #waymaker

2 thoughts on “Melody Eliseo -Praying Prayers That Heal the Land

  1. Food for the soul. Wonderful Biblical instruction! Thank you for sharing your beautiful prayerful sincere heartfelt experiences with us to inspire us to do likewise and grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Blessings Always! Keep writing and sharing as God uses you for His Glory in His Kingdom! Even crumbs feed multitudes when blessed and anointed by God Almighty. We love Him BECAUSE He first loved US!! And gave Himself for US. He truly died to save the whole world and loves your vision and your passion.

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